Flashmob vélib' sur les Champs aujourd'hui à 15h

A couple of students have decided to bring together 5000 vélibs' (and probably bikes) to ride down the Champs Elysées of Paris. I'm going, you're coming?

Here is the Facebook event

A vos vélos, prêts,...

Translation: The cold is biting my fingers, my face makes me think I should change my skin care, my lungs hurt, my toes are definitly reminding me that they exist but... IT FEELS GREAT TO BE BACK ON MY BIKE!

Taxi... karaoké

Translation: I love karaoke taxi in Paris. The driver doesn't love me though.

Velib' world champion

Champions de Vélib'
par mairiedeparis

Those 3 guys have been ranked for Velib' top users in Paris. They challenge girls to be the top 3 next year. Very nice interview where they tell you about their best pratices and streets of Paris.

Do you vélo ?

Des vêtements pour les gens de ville à vélo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah !!!!

Translation: Do you velo? (velo means bike in French), a new brand that sells stuff for urban cyclists. I'm gonna keep an eye on them!

Snob à deux roues

Je parle pas aux scooters, moi.

Translation: I'm such a snob. I don't talk to scooters anymore.

Ok, not bad!

Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill

Et moi, qui n'arrive toujours pas à lâcher le guidon. :-)

Translation: Figure, I can't even ride without touching the handlebars. :-)

Les avantages du vélo

Je ne connais pas la source de cette illustration, elle passe d'email en email. Val a trouvé la source de cette image. A vendre, le t-shirt.

Translation: Internet is alive, and I cannot find the source of this illustration. I still wanted to share it with you. :-)--

Edit: Thanks Val, he found the source. You can buy the t-shirt on cicle.org

Drôles d'engins

Marrant votre tricycle

Translation: Interesting ride. Leah: Nice tricycle!


Le printemps revient !

Translation : I'm popular these days, I think spring is back.

Si si je vous l'assure,...

Si, si je vous l'assure, on peut être sexy à vélo.

Translation: I'm telling you can look sexy on a bike.

L'homme de mes rêves

Génération vélo

Casques Yakkay Luzern, Dublin, Paris, Tokyo

Voici des petits couvres cyclistes très chics. Bientôt on l'espère en vente dans la boutique de Léah.

Translation: Here a few cyclists covers. We hope, very soon, you will be able to buy them in Leah's boutique.

Lettre à mon amour...

Illustré par __Timtimsia__

Translation: My love, It's been such a long time since we saw each other. I deeply miss your warmth and softness. Looking forward to seeing you very soon.

Leah. To : mrthesun@galaxy.com

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